Bad Dogs Welcome

Suzy: “Was he a good dog?”
Sam: “Who’s to say?”
— Wes Anderson, Moonrise Kingdom

We’ve seen our share of “bad dogs” — and guess what? They’re still dogs, with a more or less standard repertoire of dog behavior. And more importantly, no matter how badly your dog behaves, you’re a caring and thoughtful owner. You’re taking steps to address your dog’s unacceptable behavior and learn more about how you can help your dog be even better than OK.

If you’ve thought about giving up your dog because you can’t take another day of her unruly behavior, we’re here to help.

While we can’t guarantee a perfectly trained dog, we do guarantee your satisfaction with our services. If we’re unable to address your training problem, you’ll know right away, with no additional cost. We’ll provide the best management advice we can give, and we’ll assist in getting the resources and support you need to tackle your dog’s training successfully.

Contact us today to learn more about how a consulting package can help turn around your relationship with your dog.