Classes in Athens, Ohio

Puppy class

The 4-week-long Puppy Class is for your new puppy, 8 to 18 weeks. This class features an emphasis on socialization, household manners, preparation for the veterinarian and groomer, meeting new people, and becoming a well-adjusted adult dog.

Topics covered include housetraining success, mouthing and biting, body handling exercises, teaching your puppy to be calm and well-mannered, as well as coming when called, sit, down and leash walking.

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Basic class

Build a foundation for your dog to become a manners superstar! This four-week course takes you and your dog through basic obedience training and house manners, as well as socialization. We offer solutions to common problems such as jumping up, mouthing, cat chasing, rowdiness and more.

Cues covered include sit, stay, down, and come, and we’ll introduce leash walking, common scenarios you encounter on walks, and much more. Work with your instructor via phone or e-mail between classes!

Our November Basic class has filled, thank you! Click here to enroll online.

Basic Bronze class

Continue your dog’s training and build on basic obedience skills for better leash walking, longer stays and more advanced behaviors such as going away from you on cue, retrieve or fetch, better self-control at the door and how to sit and lie down using hand signals only!

This class is for dogs who have completed the Basic class. Work with your instructor via phone or e-mail between classes.

Basic Bronze class begins April 13 at 8:10 p.m. Click here to enroll online.

Our fun, easy-to-follow class curriculum is designed to maximize success for you at home and in real life. Written by a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant and designed to make the most of your precious time, Best Pets class lessons include:classes-dog

  • How to get your dog to pay attention to you, in spite of distractions;
  • Getting your dog to come to you anytime;
  • Teaching your puppy to be calm and content in the vet’s office or grooming salon;
  • Creating a dog who is polite with visitors and strangers;
  • Asking your dog to walk beside you on leash, without pulling;
  • How to get your dog respond calmly to family members;
  • And more!

Classes are held in convenient four-week blocks. (Of course you may attend a make-up class the following session if you have to miss a class.)

Basic classes are held at Central Venue, 29 E. Carpenter St. in Athens.It’s absolutely no risk, too: If you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training and our dedication to helping you get the results you’re looking for, come back and take it again – absolutely free of charge.
Central Venue

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